I’ve had 3 of my coworkers take mbti and identify with a type.



ESTJ (who originally scored as ESFJ, so speculation may be necessary)


Where do you work? That may have something to do with it. Im going out on a limb and say you dont work at an engineering firm…

One of the things I love about being an INTP is the situations I’ve played through in my head, and all the reference points that where gathered thru life. It kind of is like on tv where the character flashes back memories of people’s advice or conversations and makes a plan of action.

I had to make an appearance in court recently and I was nervous as the judge was picking people apart for not having the docs in order. My name was called, and as I approached my seat I saw every teachers critique of every presentation I ever gave come up: Watch your posture you look uninteresting, you’re nervous slow down your speech, what are you doing with your hands? Did you prepare at all?

Posture check
Speech loud clear
Hands to my side
Prepared my documents and yours your honor and checked them 3 times.

My day in court was a success but what I learned was how my INTP tool kit was working for me!

Social anxiety

I dont get it. I see lots of posts about people (intp’s) who say they fear being surrounded by people, or being in public.

I go to the gym to be by myself.
I have no problem going to the movies by myself.
Shoot, I even hit up bars by myself.
We can be in public and not have to feel anxious just because we are introverts. That’s where I fall back on manners and courtesy, that’s my mechanism.

It does work most people I meet say they are surprised I’m as “cool” as I am. I come off as detached and arrogant until people get to know me.

I have to get ready for my hike tomorrow. Its about time I get to spend time with myself! It does a body good.


AWD cars are cool

Some crazy bastard woke up one day and was like


and everyone else was probably like

The crazy bastard you are referring to is Ferdinand Porsche.

An INTP’s pickup line on tinder! Im laughing at myself.

Reblog if you’re an INTP


Yeah I hope you guys know, as an INTP, i’m a bit of a douche bag who gets way to over analytical about the weirdest things.

I obsess about the strangest topics, go deep into wikipedia wormholes for hours at a time. I teach my self to do random shit and watch strange documentaries when im bored.

Carry on.


What’s the use of emoticons in text messages like
I’m not smiling, I’m not sobbing, I’m not having any kind of emotion actually

If you’re an INTP you have the amazing gift of foresight and wittiness. You’ve never replied to someone and just had to say I told you so?