This is my pet rock. I feed it minerals.

NT small talk.

Met up with an entj. We debated tirelessly on the philosophy and morality of the death penalty.

That’s NT small talk.


Gettin pretty split results, yo.

My desk is a mess, as is my closet. My clothes are just shoved haphazardly into my drawers.

But I plan meticulously for the future.

I schedule my clubs for the week, and plan on out when I’m going to do my homework, and when I’m going to hang out with…

Im a total noob when it comes to this but I say ENTP. My boss is an entp and the way you describe yourself I’d say ENTP. As for making schedules and planning I think all the NT have foresight. I think for xNTP’s planning is more of an adaptation.

Shit my bartender says

Im HIV positive.

If people dont laugh I want nothing to do with them.

I put the PRO in procrastinator.

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Today’s lesson

Just because something is ALOGICAL, does not mean it is ILLOGICAL.

"I’m not really worried about having a job tomorrow. I guess I’m more concerned with having a worth while problem"

I guess that’s my INTP Pness talking.


Anonymous asked:

What do INTJs think about INTPs, the way they think and work?



One of my closest friends is an INTP. Our friendship is strange and wonderful and natural. She thinks I’m rough around the edges and too quick to act. I think she’s a bit eccentric, with lofty, fluffy dreams that seem impossible to me but I could imagine her achieving. There is a great mutual respect between us- we are both intelligent women, exercising our agency and pursuing our goals… granted, I repeatedly launch myself like a cannonball at my goals, where she goes on a circuitous stroll in their general direction where she might one day happen upon them. We can go months or years without seeing or talking to each other, and then when we meet again, it’s like no time has passed at all. No other friendship I have had has been so easy, so stress-free, and so delightfully thought-provoking.

In short, my experience with INTPs is that we click, but it’s as though we function on two separate, parallel planes of existence, with the INTJ trudging the ground and the INTP wisping along through the sky. They have a different perspective and a different way of approaching situations and doing things, but our actions seem to complement each other nicely. I think INTJs and INTPs make a great team, as friends, lovers, or coworkers, as long as their interests are aligned.

What has been your experience, readers?

My younger brother is an intj. I think he is the funniest person I know. He seems to see a slightly different angle of whatever topic we are discussing and I find that amusing.