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Ok, I know the ENTP vs INTP struggle is pretty much eternal, but is there anything you've noticed that makes the types seem obviously separate? Especially like, in physical stuff. I read ENTPs tend to speak with their hands and INTPs are more composed-ish. Any experiences where you've clearly seen the difference (irl+online)? Oo, and in word choice too. INTPs are probably more articulate, yeah? This is so fun and interesting I'm not even sure I wanna find out my type anymore. Anyway yeah thanks!



Ready for a shit ton of anecdotal evidence? 

  • They dress differently. ENTPs tend to wear higher contrast colors, like black with red, and warmer toned colors. INTPs dress in more muted cool toned colors, like blue with gray. 
  • ENTPs will break dress code purposely or to make a statement. INTPs will break dress code accidentally or because they just don’t care. Also, ENTPs tend to be more comfortable in professional clothing. They also look sharper in it. INTPs try. They really do, but there’s usually something off about their business outfits.   
  • During brainstorm sessions, ENTPs will immediately spout off ideas once they get the specs whereas INTPs will want more information. 
  • INTPs do not like to be rushed. 
  • INTPs are more cuddly than ENTPs. Shocking. Except, ENTPs are more likely to be affectionate with more people while INTPs save all their affection for certain people. 
  • ENTPs gesticulate more. INTPs tend to have a more varied range of facial expressions. 
  • INTPs care more about preciseness. They will pause in the middle of a response to search for the perfect word. 
  • Exercise tends to be more of a means to an end for INTPs. ENTPs actually enjoy exercise. 
  • INTPs, when angry, are silent and will slowly gather evidence so they can lay it all out and bury the other person. ENTPs just go off. 
  • INTPs have more existential crisis. They usually tend to go through an ‘emo’ nilhilistic phase. 
  • ENTPs just come off way more intense. 
  • INTPs like cats. ENTPs like dogs. Ta da generalization. 
  • ENTPs lean toward more electronic based music and INTPs towards mellower music. Music festivals? ENTPs tend to feel isolated at music festivals and INTPs actually get into the music more. 
  • INTPs can be tactless due to just not knowing while ENTPs will be tactless on purpose. 
  • ENTPs are more likely to greet people while INTPs stay absorbed in their work. 
  • INTPs care more about having a clean living space than ENTPs.

I’ll add more later. 

Enjoy, anon.

Do the thing!!

About to do that INTP thing. You know. The thing!
Where I act like my heart is in a jar in the back of the refrigerator. And then start smashing shit with the Ti hammer. Its not going to be pretty but my Fe has been running rampant the last couple of weeks, I think its time to put that shit back at the bottom of my stack where it belongs.

First impressions

Im curious to know what other INTP’s have been told in regards to how they come across.

I’ve always been told I come across as arrogant and stuck up. BEFORE people talk to me. This last week I was told I am intimidating. Someone else also told me I have a commanding presence. I’m not physically imposing or well dressed so I’m not too sure what to make of these impressions other than I’d like to use them to my advantage.

Any thoughts?

Scary NT’s

As an INTP I judge people by the quality of their ideas. Having met all of the NT’s I can honestly say that they are all SCARY mofos. NTJ’s are definitely scarier than their goofy NTP counterparts. The way an entj can dissect an idea. Or the way an entp can spit out a million ideas is amazing and respect worthy.

Hats off to all my NT brethren.

This is my pet rock. I feed it minerals.

NT small talk.

Met up with an entj. We debated tirelessly on the philosophy and morality of the death penalty.

That’s NT small talk.


Gettin pretty split results, yo.

My desk is a mess, as is my closet. My clothes are just shoved haphazardly into my drawers.

But I plan meticulously for the future.

I schedule my clubs for the week, and plan on out when I’m going to do my homework, and when I’m going to hang out with…

Im a total noob when it comes to this but I say ENTP. My boss is an entp and the way you describe yourself I’d say ENTP. As for making schedules and planning I think all the NT have foresight. I think for xNTP’s planning is more of an adaptation.

Shit my bartender says

Im HIV positive.

If people dont laugh I want nothing to do with them.